Could you be laid of for being sick in Germany

We often hear of horror stories concerning the laying off of workers on the account of them being continuously sick. Labour laws are particularly tough when it comes to the firing of employees.  Smaller companies have an advantage if they need to reduce their workforce. Often laying off of employees requires only a good reason.

Larger companies with more than ten employees, however, it is a whole different story. Unless someone has just starting working,  it is very difficult to layoff an employee. Bester Anwalt für Arbeitsrecht Berlin. For those that are in their first six months, they can be sacked with 30 days notice. Anyone who is guilty of severe breach of contract could be fired without notice regardless of the size of the company.

Larger companies will find it very difficult to reduce staff. In general the works council must be heard before anyone could be laidoff. Exceptions can be made when a branch or a section close there will also be a settlement.

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